Book Recommendation: Bridges of Love and Understanding

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Rebekah Davis is a Christian evangelist who has more than fifteen years of ministry experience, serving in three Muslim-majority countries and also inner-city Baltimore in the United States. She approached us to see if we wanted to read a book laying out her experience of interacting and sharing her faith with Muslims. I (Phil) agreed and the following is the recommendation that can now be found in the front pages of her book.

Bridges of Love and Understanding is a much-needed resource when evangelism and apologetics can often seem to be the realm of the highly educated, charismatic, and overly argumentative. Rebekah shares stories of everyday life and how she interacts with others of different faiths, particularly Muslims, and in the manner of Paul in Acts 17 pointing to the unknown god, finds the points where relational bridges can be built. Rebekah’s love for the gospel and for people flows through the book and challenges the idea that doctrine must be understood before Jesus can be known. Rebekah continually reminds the reader of common ground between Christians and Muslims and the ease at which conversations can take place without needing seminary or degrees in apologetics. Loving Jesus, loving the Bible and loving people is enough and Rebekah shows how all three can work together in sharing faith in a natural way.”

I would recommend this to anyone looking to discuss faith with a muslim neighbour even without a background knowledge of Islam or the Quran. You can find out more here or purchase the book through Amazon.

You can find our conversation with Rebekah below:


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